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Lasso library obsolete

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With the consolidated release of SIGMA v1.2 announced today, we are officially deprecating and rendering obsolete the usage of the Lasso library, as an explicit dependency in SIGMA. Lasso provided the iRel (ITAPS) implementation that exposes support for relational queries between geometry and mesh entities. Due to a strategic decision to tightly integrate geometry-mesh queries for a varied number of use cases, we have merged all the Lasso sources and commits into the MOAB library. The MOAB 4.9.0 release tarball is available here.
The previous Lasso release v3.2 will still be available, but support for the package will only be provided at [email protected]. Please refer to the following link to find all changes in the SIGMA components and more specifically, information about the fixes and enhancements in MOAB as part of this release.

SIGMA Release 1.2

Let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues due to this decision. We sincerely hope that the reduction in the SIGMA dependencies will lead to easier usage of both MOAB and MeshKit libraries in scientific application workflows.

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