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SIGMA Release 1.2

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SIGMA v1.2 notable changes

SIGMA v1.2 minor release includes a consolidated packaging of all geometry and mesh related components. Details on compatibility of the different tools and dependent libraries are available separately and all questions can be directed to <package>[email protected].
Current release contains the following SIGMA tools:

  1. Common Geometry Module (CGM) – Version 15.0
  2. Mesh Oriented datABase (MOAB) – Version 4.9.0
  3. MeshKit library (MeshKit) – Version 1.4.0

As part of SIGMA v1.2, the Lasso source package has been integrated completely into MOAB for multiple technical reasons. The primarily motivation is the need to explore uniform and adaptive refinement algorithms that are geometry-aware through the embedded interfaces exposed in Lasso, which are now directly available as part of MOAB. This also simplifies the configuration stack necessary for MeshKit while maintaining backwards compatibility.
Source tarballs can be obtained from either the Bitbucket repository or from the ftp site. For more build instructions, go to the downloads page.
Several combination of compilers, dependencies and versions are constantly being tested after every commit and nightly with our Buildbot system. Continuous Integration (CI) support through dynamic Buildbot reconfiguration is being enabled to improve the workflow of both the developers and contributors to SIGMA. The individual release notes for each of the tools are available below.

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