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Building MOAB

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in MOAB

While MOAB can be built without these libraries, we strongly recommend getting at least HDF5.

  1. Netcdf: If you’d like to read Exodus files with MOAB, and to run MOAB’s ‘make check’, you’ll need  Netcdf. If it’s netcdf version 4 or greater, we recommend building without HDF5 (i.e. don’t use –enable-netcdf-4 configure option). We require building the c++ interface (–enable-cxx configure option)
  2. HDF5: If you want to save/restore data from MOAB, you’ll need  HDF5. If you plan to build MOAB with parallel support, use the –enable-parallel configure option. If you plan to build both serial and parallel MOAB, also build a serial version of HDF5 and store it separately from the parallel HDF5 build.

Building from sources

  1. Grab the code straight from the repository using git, by running ‘git clone [email protected]:fathomteam/moab.git’. Or, download one of the release versions (latest).
  2. Run ‘autoreconf -fi’ in the main source directory. NOTE: MOAB relies on the autotools (autoconf, libtool, automake) that come with most LINUX/UNIX distributions. If they’re not part of your OS, or you’re getting mysterious autotools errors, you might want to try downloading/building more recent versions of those packages then trying again. On windows, try running cmake (though this is only indirectly supported, meaning it may not be up to date).
  3. In the top-level source directory, run the configure script, with the various options you want. To get a list of options, run ./configure –help.
  4. Run make, then make install. This will install the MOAB include files, libraries, and binaries in include/, lib/, and bin/ subdirectories below the prefix directory input to the configure script (which is /usr/local by default – change with the –prefix= flag to configure.).

Now you should have MOAB and its dependencies configured and built to be linked against your example sources. For building Moab along with the packages it depends on see: Building MOAB with prerequisits and running simple benchmarks.
If you have problems running ‘autoreconf -fi’ or suspect that the build system is broken due to improperly installed versions of the GNU autotools then see: AutoToolsIssues.
When using –with-cgm option and CGM is build using –with-cubit option you might encounter segmentation fault and *** glibc detected *** errors. See this link for details.

Other Build Types

On IBM Blue Gene/Q
On IBM Blue Gene/P

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