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Docker container for SIGMA

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Over the past several months, the SIGMA team has been making use of containers with Docker to speed up testing on various cloud based platforms such as Codeship, Bitbucket-Pipelines and CircleCI (CGM, MOAB). This has been an area of active interest to us in making the libraries more robust, and is continually enabling us to create well integrated components within the SIGMA toolkit.
The underlying Docker container is based on Ubuntu-Xenial (16.04.x) and comes pre-installed with the necessary compilers and MPICH wrappers, along with HDF5, NetCDF, Eigen3, Metis, and OCE libraries. Python with Cython support is also available for playing with the new PyMOAB interfaces being developed currently. Users can obtain the container from DockerHub@vijaysm/scientific and install it locally on their machines to get started.
We recommend enabling data volumes in Docker so that your ongoing investigations are not lost once you exit the container. Please feel free to email us any questions or comments you may have in getting started. Happy coding on PI day!

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