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SIGMA Release 1.2.1

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SIGMA v1.2.1 Release Notes

SIGMA v1.2.1 minor release includes a consolidated packaging of all geometry and mesh related components. Details on compatibility of the different tools and dependent libraries are available separately and all questions can be directed to <package>[email protected].
The current release contains the following SIGMA tools:

CGM Version 15.1

This version of CGM is compatible with Cubit 15.0 and OCE 0.17.1.


  • PR #37: Implement Surface::closest_point_along_vector for OCC and test the method.
  • PR #39: Added new utilities for performing imprint and merge operations.


  • PR #38: Fix a bug in OCCSurface::closest_point_along_vector and add test that exercised it.
  • PR #35, #36: CMake configuration fixes and updates for linking with dependencies including OCC.

MOAB Version 4.9.1


  • PR #200: MOAB now supports auto-download and configuration/installation of several dependencies (HDF5, NetCDF and Metis/ParMetis) out of the box; Use configuration options:
    • --download-hdf5 --download-netcdf --download-metis etc
    • We plan to add support for more dependencies in future releases.
  • PR #187: Removal qvdual tool from MOAB
  • PR #218: Remove txt Reader/Writer support (this was an empty shell class)
  • A configuration suggestion script ( is now part of MOAB repository.
    This script simplifies options to be used for new users and should work mostly!


  • Better support for OSX, Linux and LCF systems
  • PR #191: Improve augmenting ghost entities with set information (remove parallel and memory bottlenecks)
  • PR #194: Generate Fortran prototypes during configuration directly (no auto-generation during build)
  • PR #199: Enhanced support for dealing with polygons and polyhedra with added functionality for VTK and Exodus formats
  • PR #202: AHF support for high-order elements
  • PR #208: The debian support now includes Fortran and Metis dependencies


  • Several key fixes found through cppcheck and Coverity (static analysis tools)
  • Improvements in both autotools and CMake configuration systems
  • PR #214, #217: Core::connect_iterate works with non congruently allocated cells of same type.

MeshKit Version 1.4.1


  • Added timing to AssyGen for CGM boolean operations.
  • Improved CoreGen parallel save time, (deleting GEOM_DIMENSION tag before parallel save). Also , saving only Material and Neumann sets in the final mesh.3. Added PARALLEL_PARTITION tag to the
  • Added support for HEX27 element creation in CoreGen. User may specify HEX8 or HEX27 in the input file.
  • CoreGen keyword ‘MESHTOGEOM’ supported for CUBIT mesh files. A new tool mbmeshtogeom in MOAB can be used to compute MESHTOGEOM ratio on an already existing mesh file.


  • Bug in rectangular assembly orientation in AssyGen and CoreGen. The orientation is as it is described in the input file, instead of being mirrored.
  • Linking issues on OSX.

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