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MOAB Release 5.5.0

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A new release of the MOAB library (v5.5.0) is now available. The tarball can be downloaded here. If you are working with release branches in Bitbucket, please use the newly created “5.5.0” tag to get the latest changes.

Some notable updates:

– New support for the calculation of scalable, bilinear maps with TempestRemap for Climate problems
– Removed: Mesquite sources and support in MOAB; Several outdated tools (refiner, VTK reader plugin for Paraview)
– Deprecated: ITAPS framework: iMesh interfaces are now only built when requested with `–enable-imesh`. This will be the last version to support iMesh. Going forward, please port your C/Fortran API to use the now-mature iMOAB interface.
– Several fixes, enhancements, and optimizations to make the MOAB library more robust.

Detailed release notes for the 5.5.0 release are shown below.


  • PR #611: Deprecate Mesquite sources and mesh files in the repository
  • PR #613, #636: Deprecate old and unmaintained interfaces and tools (to be removed in the next release)
    • ITAPS framework: iMesh interfaces are only built when requested with --enable-imesh
    • VTK reader plugin for Paraview (outdated)
    • Refiner tool
  • PR #629, #630, #634, #635: Allow online calculation of bilinear maps with TempestRemap


  • PR #625: Control verbosity in the Geometry Query Tool
  • PR #623: Set the “aream” tag when computing the online maps; it is needed for flux corrections
  • PR #633: Use by default newer version of TempestRemap (2.2)


  • PR #605: Autotools fixes – push Fortran language before checking to avoid false positives
  • PR 604, #606*: Improve regression and integration tests
  • PR #607: Add relative Python installation path to PYTHONPATH for local install
  • PR #612: Fix metadata for RLL files
  • PR #615: Optimizations for iMOAB
  • PR #619: Bugfix for ParallelMerge
  • PR #627: Fix for Issue #157, terminate strings for exodus writer
  • PR #628: Fix for Issue #165, CMake related build fixes
  • PR #610, #614, #618: IO improvements
  • PR #612, #626: General updates to tools (mbconvert, mbaddnc)

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