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MOAB Release 5.4.0

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  • PR #557, #572, #573, #576, #580, #584: Significant updates to the iMOAB API for Fortran compatibility based on 2003 ISO_C_BINDING specifications
  • PR #562: Parallel SCRIP NetCDF file reader for climate meshes and data


  • PR #567: Use source or target DoF decomposition-aware parallel read of remap files
  • PR #578: Improve comparemaps tool
  • PR #590: PyMOAB is now installed with pip instead of
  • PR #587: Read masks from SCRIP file and propagate to final remap operator
  • PR #586: Reduce memory allocation for vertex tags defined on sequences (16*1024 instead of 512*1024)
  • PR #592: Fix several compiler warnings, documentation, updated autotools support (autoconf<=2.71), updated CMake/PyMOAB support, parallel build with module dependency (iMOAB), Codacy issues


  • PR #575: Address TempestRemap downstream API changes
  • PR #577: Autotools configuration updates
  • PR #585: Python3 compatibility updates
  • PR #579: Prism connectivity bug
  • PR #582: Fix several inconsistencies in offline map generation tool, mbtempest
  • PR #589: Removing unnecessary error message in GeomTopoTool

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