Scalable Interfaces for Geometry and Mesh based Applications

MOAB Release 5.3.0

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  • PR #502: Gnomonic projection option for partitioning using an “inferred” strategy with Zoltan RCB algorithm for meshes on a sphere
  • PR #513: New example to produce the dual of a delaunay mesh on a sphere to generate a polygonal grid (MPAS-like)
  • PR #525, PR Documentation and guidelines for new users contributing to MOAB
  • PR #535: Docker image of MOAB pre-installed that uses spack for all TPL dependencies
    • PR #551: Separate docker image for MOAB+TempestRemap for offline climate remappiing workflows
  • PR #544: MOAB now requires a minimum of C++11 standard to be supported by the C++ compiler


  • PR #503: Download git branches for dependencies directly instead of just tarball. Typical usage: --download-<package>=git:branchname
  • PR #523, PR #528: CI system updates for BitBucket-Pipelines and Shippable
  • PR #531: Update README
  • PR #530: Add pkg-config support
  • PR #538: Print configuration summary after Autotools configure and CMake commands
  • PR #543: Autodownload a compatible version of Eigen3 header-only library


  • PR #494: Fully support Python3 and deprecate Python2 usage
  • PR #497: Factor out repetitive code in many iMOAB tests for Climate remap
  • PR #498: Improve efficiency of merging for large meshes using MergeMesh
  • PR #504: Fixing off-by-one error in the check for resizing the root sets data structures in GeomTopoTool
  • PR #505: Remove -march=native for optimized mode
  • PR #506: Distclean now removes any orphan a.out files as well
  • PR #507: Fix sparse tag writing in HDF5 format, when buffer size exceeds first allocated amount (bug in buffered write)
  • PR #508: Structured mesh output in VTK format – use structured layout rather than serializing explicitly
  • PR #510, PR #517: Move the handling of the SKIP_TOPOLOGY option to a more appropriate location in TQDCFR
  • PR #511: Replace MPI_INTEGER with MPI_INT in couple of places that was causing segfaults
  • PR #512, PR #516, PR #518, PR #520, PR #532: Autotools fixes for general configuration and auto-download of dependencies
  • PR #521, PR #522, PR #524, PR #534, PR #540, PR #542: Windows build fixes with CMake workflow using MinGW and VS2015 (or higher)
  • PR #529: Fix to ensure thread-safety in MOAB caused due to a cached variable in TypeSequenceManager::find
  • PR #536: Several key fixes using clang-tidy for the entire repository
  • PR #545: Fix MOAB CGNS I/O failure when the underlying CGNS library is configured with CGNS_ENABLE_64BIT option
  • PR #547: Some updates for 32-bit builds; This support will get deprecated and dropped in the next major release.
  • PR #550: Removing deprecated references to std::unary_function and std::binary_function to allow build with C++17 compiler family

Application Support

  • PR #499: Capability to read climate SCRIP files in parallel through buffered read mechanism
  • PR #500: Support instancing LND domain files directly
  • PR #501: Support both fully parallel and serial builds with TempestRemap
  • PR #509: Introduce a new tool to compare maps in NetCDF (nc) output files
  • PR #514, PR #519, PR #527: Capability to read climate SCRIP files in parallel directly (with MPI+NetCDF/HDF5 interfaces)
  • PR #533: Introduce baseline tests to catch regressions when computing field projections from ATM to OCN component
  • PR #546: Consolidated set of several fixes for both the offline and online remapping weight generation workflows in E3SM.
    • Updates to ensure that the Kd-tree tolerance computation is more robust, especially for RLL meshes
    • mbtempest will now use the same tolerance for intersection as TempestRemap usage for Node tolerances
    • Fix bugs in parallel I/O to get areas, fractions, mesh coordinates and other parameters ordered correctly
    • Add modifications to the mesh reading mechanisms to adapt I/O based on underlying mesh type

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