Scalable Interfaces for Geometry and Mesh based Applications

MOAB Release 5.2.0

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  • PR #424, #445, #461, #462, #467, #474: Significant feature additions to improve the TempestRemap-based mapping weights generation workflow
    – Expose both Kd-tree and advancing front intersection
    – Verifications of mapping weight generation for very high-res cases at scale
    – Improve mbconvert to transform TR supported file formats to MOAB h5m and vice-versa
    – Ability to write out the computed remapping weights in parallel to a h5m file is now supported. A h5mtoscrip utility tool to convert the h5m file to SCRIP format is available.
    – Add an extra verification option for maps computed with mbtempest to validate projection weights
    – Improve master-slave partitioner
    – Performance enhancements: Several optimizations in the iMOAB implementation and OnlineMap computation routines have been added
  • PR #437: Allow ability to support empty parts in parallel mesh handling
  • PR #454, #464, #475: Enable coupling and consistent remap of data between discrete meshes and point cloud representations
    – A new ParCommGraph class is now available to store communication patterns between MPI groups
    – Feature additions support rendezvous coupling that has been tested for multi-way transfer between atmosphere, ocean, land components
  • PR #465: Add a new KDtree-based intersection to replace advancing front intersection when dealing with source grids with holes
  • PR #471: Introduce a concept of master-slave partitioning method using Zoltan RCB algorithm
    – This feature provided a significant speedup for offline remapping calculations on a sphere
    TODO: Test similar ideas for other coupled computational problems
  • PR #482: Domain file reader in NetCDF format to support E3SM integration
  • PR #485: Extensive CMake configuration updates to support Windows platform builds
  • PR #486: Adding a new option for area computations using Gauss quadrature based integration instead of spherical excess


  • PR #419: Cache the latest facet for RayHistory in OBB tree
  • PR #420, #435: Global ID default value (unset) is now -1, while DOFs related to Global ID start from 1
  • PR #429: Option for consistent (multiple) ghost layers in thin partitions
  • PR #438: Improve coexistence of LAPACK and Eigen3 in configurations
  • PR #442: MBTR – Remove assumption that FV DoF numbering is 0-based (now 1-based for both FV/SE)
  • PR #444, #449: CMake build improvements related to MPI, HDF5, OSX
  • PR #446: Option to reset Global IDs during partitioning
  • PR #455: Enforce MOAB flags to add c++0x flags if supported
  • PR #463: Update default download option for NetCDF(4.6.3), HDF5 (1.10.1)
  • PR #468: PyMOAB bindings to set_connectivity
  • PR #475: Improve regridding intersection robustness
  • PR #483: Add a new download option to sync large files from FTP site to avoid bloating repository with static meshes
  • PR #488: Enforce uniform formatting of the entire source repository with clang-format tool with updated coding guidelines


  • PR #414, #434: HDF5 writer fixes for polyhedral meshes, to address issues #99 and #110
  • PR #415: Fixing index overflow in SQIJ partition for structured meshes
  • PR #417, #421, #469: Python bindings fixes and compliance to Python 3 standards
  • PR #430: Fixing HDF5 regression test issues
  • PR #431, #453, #466, #480: Changes to conform to evolving TempestRemap API co-development
  • PR #450: Fix seqfault in Range destructor
  • PR #472: HDF5 file descriptor initialization that resolves some issues in VisIt-MOAB plugin
  • PR #473: Minor fix for Tqdcfr reader

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