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RGG GUI Update

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Meshkit, RGG

Over the past several months, the RGG application that was developed jointly by Kitware and ANL has been completely taken down and not available for public use as a result of some licensing issues. We have now resolved all these issues and fixed both the SIGMA repositories and the RGG application. Please update your sources and follow the instructions below to get access to the tools.

  1. MeshKit continues to distribute the RGG applications consisting of the CoreGen and AssyGen tools.
  2. The GUI application developed by Kitware Inc. is no longer available due to licensing issues.
    1. The RGGKitware GitHub repository made public by Kitware Inc. has been taken down.
    2. RGG GUI app has was removed, but the CMB GUI is available here – It internally uses the SIGMA libraries.
  3. RGG workflow overall remains the same: AssyGen creates the mesh script for assembly mesh generation, then, external mesher generate the mesh and finally, CoreGen creates the core mesh.
  4. As earlier, the new workflow still requires the users to have access to CUBIT/Trelis to generate the assembly meshes. An open-source alternative “AssyMesher” is under development.

MeshKit can obtained here:
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