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SIGMA Release 1.3

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The SIGMA v1.3 release includes a consolidated packaging of all geometry and mesh related components. Details on compatibility of the different tools and dependent libraries are available separately and all questions can be directed to <package>[email protected].
Current release contains the following SIGMA tools:

  1. Common Geometry Module (CGM) – Version 16.0
  2. Mesh Oriented datABase (MOAB) – Version 5.0.0
  3. MeshKit library (MeshKit) – Version 1.5.0

As part of SIGMA v1.3, the Mesquite source package is now distributed with MOAB to enable mesh optimization during generation and during adaptation. The entire build system for CI has been enhanced and we expect this release will provide a robust and rich set of features to our users.
Source tarballs can be obtained from either the Bitbucket repository or from the ftp site. For more build instructions, go to the downloads page.

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