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SIGMA Release 1.1

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SIGMA v1.1 notable changes

SIGMA v1.1 minor release includes a consolidated packaging of all geometry and mesh related components. Details on compatibility of the different tools and dependent libraries are available separately and all questions can be directed to <package>[email protected].
Current release contains the following SIGMA tools:

  1. Common Geometry Module (CGM) – Version 14.1.0
  2. Mesh Oriented datABase (MOAB) – Version 4.8.0
  3. Lasso Relations tool (Lasso) – Version 3.2.0
  4. MeshKit library (MeshKit) – Version 1.3.0

Source tarballs can be obtained from either the Bitbucket repository or from the ftp site. For more build instructions, go to the downloads page.
Several combination of compilers, dependencies and versions are constantly being tested after every commit and nightly with our Buildbot system. Continuous Integration (CI) support through dynamic Buildbot reconfiguration is being enabled to improve the workflow of both the developers and contributors to SIGMA. The individual release notes for each of the tools are available below.

CGM Version 14.1 (SIGMA v1.1)

This version of CGM is compatible with Cubit v14.0 ( only.
The API updates for Cubit v14.1 will be available in the next minor release.


  1. Fix a lot of warnings (over 700) appearing on Linux and OSX due to uninitialized variables, remove unsed variables etc. for CGM-13.1 and CGM-14.0.
  2. Trap unhandled exceptions more cleanly
  3. Fixed failing test cases on newer version of OSX
  4. Fixes for getting shared builds (Cubit/OCC) and make distcheck working cleanly in several configuration combinations


  1. Native support for building with both OpenCascade (OCC) and the community edition (OCE). This dependency can be currently configured using –with-occ option.
  2. A patched OCE fork on Bitbucket is managed by SIGMA team and can be used as is:
    • Using the fork of will require patching separately in order to work semalessly with CGM.
    • Version info:
      – a) OCC 6.7.1 <=> OCE 0.16 <=> Branch rajeeja/oce_0.16_occ_6.7.1
      – b) OCC 6.6.0 <=> OCE 0.13 <=> Branch sigma/oce_0.13_occ_6.6
      – c) OCC 6.5.3 <=> OCE 0.10 <=> Branch sigma/oce_0.10_occ_6.5.3
  3. Support for CMake-based builds
  4. Improved support for CGM build on Windows OS
  5. Improvements to documentation and added new tests

MOAB Version 4.8.0 (SIGMA v1.1)


  1. UMR: Implemented the uniform mesh refinement capabilities for different entity types for degrees (2,3,5). Tools to load a MOAB mesh and uniformly refine it based on user inputs is now available
  2. Coupler: Improvements in scalability of the spatial coupler and improved capabilities to perform global and subset based conservation/normalization
  3. Verdict: A new set of API functions to measure quality metrics for MOAB entities (based on Verdict library)
  4. Enhanced error handling support with clean stack traces in both serial and parallel are now provided natively (examples included)


  1. Considerably improved CMake-based build support for linux/OSX/Windows
  2. Updated autoconf based build system to address all warnings in different architectures and more robust configuration
    • Improved support for OSX Mavericks
    • Improved 32-bit handle support
    • Support for configuration on ALCF machines out of the box
  3. Moved tools/mbzoltan/MBZoltan.* to src/ZoltanPartitioner.*
  4. Additional unit tests for testing several finer grained APIs


  1. Several bug fixes and warning removals based on GNU, Clang, PGI and Intel compilers
    • PR#59: ParallelComm – update the correct partition number when creating a part
    • PR#54: WriteNCDF – minor bug when writing out side sets
    • PR#94: Exodus Writer – fixes for variable length tags
  2. Several updates to the User and Developer guide in documentation to detail aspects of the new features (UMR, Verdict, Error handling)
  3. Overall enhanced Windows support (VS2008) (contributions by Kitware)

Lasso Version 3.2 (SIGMA v1.1)


  1. Code restructuring to conform Lasso library better to code arrangement in other SIGMA stack of tools and components
  2. Updates to the autoconf build system to make it more robust
  3. Multiple compiler warning fixes for Clang/PGI/GNU/Intel
  4. Make building in optimized mode as the default mode

MeshKit Version 1.3 (SIGMA v1.1)


  1. Fixes and new enhancements to PostBL, using new mesh quality support from MOAB.
  2. Name all Neumann sets created by CoreGen (RGG).
  3. Fixes to building make_watertight on OSX.
  4. Fixed several warnings.
  5. Fixes to shared builds and make distcheck.
  6. Bug fixes for rectangular assembly arrangement in CoreGen.


  1. Improvements to configure script for Mesquite, TetGen etc.
  2. New RGG example with shifting material and Neumann sets for creating new assemblies.

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