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Building Lasso

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Lasso

  • Lasso is now a part of MOAB, use –enable-irel when configuring MOAB.
  • Prerequisites: Lasso requires iMesh and iGeom implementations, so you’ll need to build/install those first. See BuildingMoab and BuildingCGM for instructions on the ANL implementations of those. Because of the way Lasso restores relations between geometry/mesh entities, it may only work with those implementations anyway.
  • Get the code: Grab the code straight from the repository using command ‘git clone‘ Lasso. Change into the Lasso subdirectory.
  • Bootstrap:Run ‘autoreconf -fi’. NOTE: Lasso relies on the autotools (autoconf, libtool, automake) that come with most LINUX/UNIX distributions. If they’re not part of your OS, or you’re getting mysterious autotools errors, you might want to try downloading/building more recent versions of those packages then trying again.
  • Configure: In the top-level source directory, run the configure script, with the various options you want. You’ll need at least the –with-igeom= and –with-imesh= options, to specify the locations of iGeom/iMesh. To get a list of all options, run ./configure –help.
  • Build+Install: Run make, then make install. This will install the Lasso include files and libraries in include/ and lib/ subdirectories below the prefix directory input to the configure script (which is /usr/local by default; change with the –prefix= configure option).

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